Dr. Jennifer Isringhausen, DC

Dr. Jen Isringhausen is a 2011 graduate of Logan University. Dr. Jen utilizes a variety of techniques to meet her patient’s needs, ranging from traditional and manual chiropractic care, to gentle adjusting procedures. She has a passion for seeing families in all stages of life. ICPA Webster certified, she loves to take care of pre- and post-natal mothers by keeping the nervous system functioning at its best during the important times in her patients’ lives.

Have you ever seen children excited to be at a health care appointment? We have, and it happens all the time! “Kids are always a joy to see in the office. It makes my heart happy when families come in and the kids feel at home. They are curious, they ask questions, and they are just able to be . . . kids! I love that atmosphere.”

It’s so important for children – newborns all the way to teens – to be checked by a chiropractor. Even when symptom free, children benefit from wellness care, especially when we consider studies that indicate as many as 95% of children born today suffer injury in their upper neck area from the birth process. Additionally, spines are stressed more than ever before with the usage of smart devices. When a child is looking down into their lap, they add 60 pounds of pressure to their neck and nerves. For a growing body, that untreated stress could literally change the way your child’s spine develops.

Stress is one of the three major contributors that keep the nervous system from functioning at its best. This is why families – parents and kiddos – need to be checked. “I am working with many families in the community,” says Dr. Jen. “I can see that families are carrying bigger burdens and more stress than ever before. I feel a special connection with people who are overwhelmed, and who want to improve their family dynamic by introducing better health and less stress for each of their family members. And chiropractic care is the most amazing way to accomplish that goal. Your body uses the nervous system to adapt to changes to be able to heal. It needs to be functioning at its best!”

In her free time, after taking wonderful care of her patients in the office, Dr. Jen loves hanging out with her family here in Columbia and in Illinois where she grew up. She married Jarrod, her high school sweetheart, and they have two beautiful kiddos.

“Time with my family is so precious to me. I love exploring outside. I will take my camera and my girls for long walks in the woods to experience the wonder of nature. I also devote time to my community serving as a Sunday school teacher for youth. I feel like it is really important for my children to understand service for others and to see us creating family experiences that uphold the values that have inspired us to be committed to making the world a better place.”


What are patients saying about Dr. Jen

“I have been under Dr. Jen’s care for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that she is the only doctor that I look forward to going to. Not only is her healing touch professional & precise, her personality is exceptional. I enjoy visiting with her like she’s an old friend. The office is always clean and tidy and the staff is friendly & professional. I give Dr. Jen, Tiger Family Chiropractic and their staff 5 stars & I would recommend & encourage anyone & everyone to experience their care.”

“Dr Jen at Tiger Chiropractic is awesome! I can honestly say I “get” to go to my chiropractor today instead of I “have” to. I thoroughly enjoy EVERY visit and walk out feeling revitalized!”

“Love Dr. Jen! She is truly a God send!”


“The people here are so full of energy and life. Columbia has so much to offer, and I’m excited to be part of that!”

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