Could your UNDERWEAR cause back trouble?

Dr Amanda discusses a topic that is important regarding health that people don’t often think about, “suck it in underwear”. It is a weird topic but there are many products like this on the market. They are clothing modifications that specifically suck or push your body in. As fabric technology advances these products have become more underwear like. But unlike underwear, when worn regularly, it behaves like a back brace. We need to be cautious because our bodies know when to do work and when they shouldn’t, based on what is going on around us. If you were to wear a back brace every day, your back would become weaker because the body wouldn’t think to strengthen those muscles because the work is already being done for it.

Is cleaning making my back worse?

One of the things I love to tell clients is to get in the habit of flexing abs. It is important to keep the body in good structural alignment, even when doing everyday tasks like cleaning. If you twist your spine when turning to throw laundry in dryer, you could be injuring yourself. In this video I give tips on how to keep good structural alignment while doing everyday household chores.

Why would a child/baby see a chiropractor?

In a normal delivery, the average amount of pressure on a baby’s head can be up to 70 lbs. After birth it is recommended to check for alignment in newborns. Young children learning to crawl and walk fall more in a week than an average adult does in a single year. With every fall a child can sustain what is called a micro trauma. In this video, I will explain the benefits of Chiropractic care for children.


Seasonal ALLERGIES! Home remedies and chiropractic

Spring brings allergies and for many this is a miserable time of year. In this video I share techniques your Chiropractor can do, as well as what you can do to lessen the symptoms. Believe it or not your Chiropractor can adjust sinuses which can provide great relief.

At home there are many things you can do as well. In this video I share some tips that can help you enjoy the season.

Need a 30 second hair do?

Many patients have asked Dr. Amanda how she makes time in her busy schedule to get her hair so perfectly styled. In this video, Dr. Amanda shows you the secret to her “30-second hair.” This style is perfect for people who have trouble finding enough time in their busy schedules to make sure their hair stays in place all day long.

Limiting intake of sugars and sweets

Dr. Amanda talks about sugar, how much we consume, and what affect it has on our body. She reveals just how much sugar is in soda and suggests a few good ways to replace sugar in our diet. She also reminds us that our bodies adapt to what we give it, so if we always eat sweetened things, we will crave more and more things that have been sweetened. Our bodies are not built to have daily large servings of sugar, and too much of it can cause many problems such as weight gain and diabetes.

Your spine is ESSENTIAL for good health!

Dr. Amanda takes time to explain the bones and joints in our spines and how the spine has a huge impact on the health of our bodies. She shows us every part of the spine and the body parts that interact directly with it. Dr. Amanda says that “every single nerve in your body goes through your spine before it goes anywhere else.” This means that if you do not have a healthy working spine, it could cause a variety of harmful symptoms to occur. Your spine is a “super highway” of communication in your body, so keeping it healthy is essential. 

What are the different treatment style options?

Dr. Amanda addresses the concept of different treatment styles. She urges people to choose a style of treatment that helps their body relax. The first treatment style she demonstrates is adjustments for small children. She also discusses one particular style of instrumental care. The most detailed style she talks about is the “traditional style,” which are adjustments that make the “pop” sound that people are most familiar with. The “pop” is nitrogen leaving your joint space and is nothing to worry about. Finally, she goes over the treatment style that uses an adjustment table.


How important is posture?

Dr. Amanda explains why our bodies naturally change to a poor posture position as we go through the day when we are sitting. She then talks about how important good posture is for our bodies by using three examples. First, the negative effects slouching has on our backs and shoulders. Next, how slouching and looking up at our work can cause a buildup of pressure in our necks and dizziness. Third, how slouching puts a great deal of pressure on the muscles and joints in your jaw. 

Why would I take a work break every 20 minutes?

Dr. Amanda talks about the importance of getting up and moving around while we are working during our day. When we sit down to start our work day, our brain and body are interconnected and aware that we are sitting. But if we sit too long without moving, that communication between the two becomes lost.  When this happens, our body’s posture and alignment become compromised, which can cause all kinds of problems. In order to make sure our brain and body stay connected and keep our posture from deteriorating throughout the day, Dr. Amanda suggests that we simply stand up and sit back down once every 20 minutes. 

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