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Every great doctor-patient relationship begins with a conversation.  In our office, a doctor will begin your first appointment with a discussion about your current health conditions, and the results you hope to obtain from care.


An evaluation is essential for determining the best course of care to improve your health condition.  Our doctors combine elements of a physical examination, orthopedic, neurological, and a chiropractic evaluation.


Once the doctor has had the opportunity to talk with you and evaluate your health through an examination, they will be able to determine if x-rays are needed. Our digital x-ray machine is conveniently located inside our office, making this a simple addition to your new patient appointment if needed.

Flexion Table

Individuals with a disc condition may find this specialized table and technique beneficial in recovering from their condition.  Be sure to ask your chiropractor if you are candidate for this therapy.


“K-tape” as it is often referred to, is an optional addition to treatment in our office. The tape helps to reduce inflammation naturally, and assists in the stabilization process.

Electric STIM

There are certain conditions that respond exceptionally well to the use of electrode therapy.  Applying this form of treatment does take additional time, we recommend a minimum of 12 minutes and up to 20 additional minutes for this therapy.


A chiropractic adjustment is, by far, the most commonly utilized treatment in our office. Other names people may have correlated to a chiropractic adjustment include: treatment and manipulation. There are a variety of choices regarding your care. We offer very gentle techniques, and the more traditional styles of care that include the sensation of a popping while the correction occurs.  

Free Massage

Our patients enjoy adding the intersegmental massage table to their care.  Each visit, our patients can lay on the relaxing table in a private room, the table will gently massage up and down your back.  Our staff is happy to provide you an ice pack to use on the table to assist in your healing process while you are on the table.

Nutrition Consultation

Our chiropractic patients also have the opportunity to set a separate appointment to discuss nutritional concerns.  We carry a variety of high quality supplements that are only available through a healthcare physician.  Our most popular companies include: Designs for Health, Standard Process, Ortho Molecular, and Nutra West.

Looking for something more? Be sure to contact our office and speak to us about other options you are interested in pursuing.

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