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Feel Like Yourself Again.

Dr. Amanda Owens, Dr. Jen Isringhausen, and Dr. James Zielinski welcome you to Tiger Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Columbia, Missouri. Winner of numerous awards in Columbia, Missouri, including Best of Columbia, and Best of Mid-Missouri, Tiger Family Chiropractic is dedicated to making your chiropractic experience great.

We want to be your complete health and wellness provider in Columbia and vicinity. We invite you to make an appointment with our team! Be sure to stop by for our frequent special events, take a tour of our office or enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee!

  “Amanda’s treatments got me out of the walker and cane. I’m feeling great with follow-up maintenance adjustments. It feels great to FEEL GREAT with TIGER CHIROPRACTIC.”

—Sondra G.

 “I have an amazing experience every time I come in! Living with neck/back pain, numbness, and all the above; with one session I felt like a million times better! I recommend Dr. Jen highly! Thanks to her I have now the use of my arm and hand back! Amazing!”

—Kyra K.

“After 15 years of back pain I was at my wits end. A coworker pointed me in the direction of Tiger Family Chiropractic and Dr. Amanda. I was immediately impressed. I no look forward to my visits and feel so much better! THANK YOU.”

—Larry M.

“This is my first adjustment and I feel AMAZING! Wonderful experience from beginning to end. Definitely recommending my friends and family.”

—Monique C.

“After living the last eight years of pain and suffering every day and the doctors telling me that there was nothing they could do and that I was going to live with it. I want to take the time to thank the staff of Tiger Chiropractic. Today, I am over 80% pain free and walking tall, and still going. Many-Many Thanks!”

—Jim S.

“I have to admit I was skeptical to try a different, though gentler type of chiropractic care. But from the start I knew that it was going to work well!! Dr. Amanda treats the WHOLE person. Her classes, explanations, exercises and suggestions are all encompassing.”


“Tiger Family Chiropractic is aptly named—Amanda, Jon, and Lucinda treat you as part of their family. A place that you may walk in to hurting, uncomfortable, and stressed and walk out feeling better, less pain, less stress, calmer, and always with water!”

—Bill R.

“I have regained ½ inch of height that was lost over the last 30 years. Grateful for the chiropractic care. Thank you very much.”

—Linda M.

“The class was a great preview and I learned a lot. So thankful for the information and chiropractors!!”

—Tiffany E.

“Everyone was incredibly friendly and very informative! I’m going to have a great spine for a long, long time!”

—Logan T.

“Before coming to see Dr. Jen I was taking pain medicine 3 to 4 times a week! Since coming to be adjusted and fixed I have not needed any more pain medicine J . My Lupus is better and I can enjoy spending time with my daughter and husband.”

—Brittani F.

“Dr. Amanda Signaigo is just amazing. I came to her with severe back pain. I was unable to stand up straight, could not sleep on my side at night, the only position I could sleep in was on my back. Now, after a few weeks of treatment, I can stand up straight and go back to sleeping normally. No more back pain! It is wonderful!”

—Christine B.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Amanda for just over a month and along with my posture training exercises I have felt much more energized! I got used to getting frequent headaches, but now they’re very minimal. Great office and even better staff!”

—Rachel C.

“I would recommend Tiger Chiropractic to my favorite person; in fact, I did! My daughter has just begun as a patient at my urging. Dr. Amanda fixed a chronic foot problem I had that prevented me from running. I am so eager to see how she helps my daughter!”

—Ginny L.

 “All the staff (including the doctors) make the chiropractic experience a most enjoyable one. Feeling the best at age 65 that I’ve felt in YEARS!”

—Don W.

“I have had an amazing experience here. They helped relieve my neck pain when all other Dr’s did was give me muscle relaxers. The atmosphere and staff are very friendly and welcoming would recommend to anyone!”

—Alene H.

“It blesses me to come to Tiger Family Chiropractic—the way the business has grown and the great energy that is here. And Dr. A and Dr.J have my back! It’s the way to go—it’s healthy! I am healthy with regular chiropractic care.”

—Micki M.

“I had multiple doctors tell me that the complications I have from scoliosis—migraines, chest pain, and severe neck pain were just something I would have to live with. After a month of treatment at Tiger Family Chiropractic, my symptoms and headaches were gone.”

—Megan O.

“I had pain and discomfort in my lower back and sore shoulders. The stiff shoulder muscles were giving me regular headaches and pain down my arms. Dr. Amanda worked her magic and after a few weeks of adjustments, all pain and discomfort were gone. My grip strength was restored. I am glad that I discovered Tiger Chiropractic and the wonderful people there.”

—Atish S.

“Dr. Jen is great! She is helpful and always willing to answer my questions! Awesome team!”

—Jess B.

“Dr. Amanda is awesome! She helped me and my husband get back on track and then again after our accident. She offers early mornings which sometimes works best for us. We have used her for 3+ years now and will continue to come see her for our chiropractic needs.”

—Kim M.

“Dr. Amanda is always so nice and helpful. She really cares about my health and wants to keep me happy and healthy. The entire Tiger Family Chiropractic team is always friendly and greets us with a warm smile. They really take an interest and care about me as an individual.”

—Teresa W.

“When I arrived at Tiger Chiropractic after a neck injury over a year ago, I knew I was in a special place. I had never sought chiropractic care before and was somewhat skeptical. The positive energy, knowledge, and truly compassionate staff has kept me coming back. I’m walking taller and pain free as a result. I recommend them highly!”

—Sharon S.

“Dr. Amanda and staff are like family. Everyone is so friendly, they truly care about the patient’s well being and Dr. Amanda’s knowledge of the human body and how to fix it is so thorough. I’m so happy I found Tiger Family.”

—Shannon H.

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